The Crestfallen EP +Pentecost III

Metal/Hard Rock
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Early material from this UK doom band that had a strong death metal presence in former lead singer Darren White's vocals.

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  • New edition of the third album from this great Italian band - their last in their purely progmetal phase. Oleg Smirnoff comes up with killer keyboard lines through out but it's the vocals of Terrence Holler that sets this band apart. Perhaps their best effort, now augmented in this new remastered edition with 6 bonus tracks and a poster. Highly recommended.
  • A new Glass Hammer is like a universal constant.  I can always expect exemplary old school prog rock.  For an old timer like myself Glass Hammer is right in my wheelhouse.  This is their 17th studio album (amazing!) .  If you are unfamiliar with the band you should know it revolves around the core of bassist Steve Babb and keyboardist Fred Schendel.  There have been a lot of musicians through the doors of their studio over the years but somehow they always seem to find an endless supply of them.  The line up seems to be fairly stable at the moment.  Salem Hill mainman Carl Groves handles lead vocals along with Susie Bogdanowicz returning as well.  Guitars are handled by Kamran Alan Shikoh and drums by Aaron Raulston.Glass Hammer music is a reverential amalgam of Yes, ELP, Kansas and what the hell throw in a little bit of Genesis.  Steve and Fred proudly wear their influences on their sleeves.  Want wicked keyboard pyrotechnics?  Fred brings the thunder.  In fact they all do.  The Breaking Of The World arrives with epic length tracks and audiophile quality sound.  I wouldn't want it any other way.  BUY OR DIE!
  • Remastered edition of the second album from the greatest hard rock band to come from Long Island.Comes with 4 bonus tracks and a price you can live with.
  • "While moving spirit Christofer Johnsson happens to be involved in his next extraordinary prestigious project, the writing of a rock opera, fans can be cheered up this month with two interesting releases. There is not only a super deluxe edition of the classic album ‘Theli’ (more about that in the relevant review), but we also have a package that brims with audiovisual delight, a release to lick one’s chops. In this article we talk about the threefold (!) DVD ‘Adulruna Rediviva And Beyond’.Therion never does half work. We know that and that is tenable for this one too. That’s why we are enchanted by two DVD’s full of music and if you want you can watch a third one with bonus material. On DVD 1 one can find a show, registered in December 2007 in Hungary during the ‘Alduruna Rediviva’ tour to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Therion’s existence. At that time we also visited one of those special shows and we remember that the visual aspect with loads of requisites and theatrical elements (vocalist Snowy Shaw is a master in it) was without equals. This show was already shot a while ago, waiting at the shelf to be completed with another important live show, yet it remains the showpiece of this release. The entire album ‘Theli’ was played, expanded with numerous favourites chosen by fans. We see the previous line-up with the Niemann brothers on stage and Christofer still had his long manes. In Hungary we had a guest appearance of Messiah Marcolin (ex-Candlemass) and Piotr Wawrzeniuk (from ’93 till ’96 drums and vocals) in a couple of songs. It is a breathtaking show with no less than twenty-six songs performed. Quite rightly a show writing history.DVD 2 offers us the Therion headline show at the ProgPower festival in Atlanta in 2011. The line-up is drastically renewed, but they are doing a great job. The approach and the show element is less grand and bombastic, but on the other hand there are enough different songs from the other show, not on DVD 1. That’s why this is also a fine audio and visual experience. Those who also explore the third DVD will meet with some exceptional gadgets. In addition to a documentary and behind the scenes material, they have joined forces with Paolo Vallerga, the manufacturer of the board game Scribabs.  Finally there is an episode of the Japanese TV program ‘Amazing Voice’ in which Thomas Vikström starred as guest. Thus any unusual extras. That’s the way we know Therion. The whole package was graced with artwork from Thomas Ewerhard, an artist who has been working for Therion during fourteen years. Consequently this is all very special and surely worth your investment!" - Lords Of Metal
  • Reissue of hard to find live EP recorded on King Crimson's 2001 tour opening for Tool.
  • A future classic of symphonic rock. Outstanding keyboard work is reminidscent of Wakefield and Moraz.
  • While the Rising Force album was not Malmsteen's first entre into the metal world it certainly turned it upside down.  The Swedish guitarist was heavily influenced by Uli Roth and Ritchie Blackmore as well as classical composer/violinist Niccolo Paganini.  Essentially his extreme virtuosity defined the "neoclassical metal" sound and has remained a signature of his ever since.The Rising Force debut featured a killer lineup - Barriemore Barlow (Jethro Tull) on drums, Jens Johansson (keys), and Jeff Scott Soto (vocals),  Malmsteen handled all guitar and bass parts as well as the Moog Taurus pedals.  Very much a classic.  Highly recommended.
  • Second album from this superb Italian prog metal band. Long out of print, this new edition is remastered and features four bonus tracks including the original Japanese bonus track, two demos from 1993 and a rehearsal version of "Erase" from 2006. Limited edition of 3,000 copies comes housed in a slipcase and has a poster. One of the killers!
  • Last May the band set up camp for a series of gigs at Le Triton in Paris. The four weeks of gigs was in essence a retrospective of the band's recorded work. This is the first of a projected series of 4 DVDs chronicling the event. The band is augmented by legendary vocalist Klaus Blasquiz as well as 3 sax players. The material on this particular disc focuses on the earlier period of the band: Malaria, Stoah, "Iss" Lansei Doai, Aurae, Kobaia, Theusz Hamtaahk 1st movement, Sowiloi, KMX B12. Over two hours long. Essential.
  • DVD of the Texas doom metal monsters live in concert. FINALLY!!
  • 2 track CD single taken from the "Remagine" disc, features the single version of "Being Everyone" as well as the previously unreleased track "Taste The Day".
  • New reissue of one of the great prog metal albums of the 90s. Eldritch are now more of a thrash band but their first three discs were as good as any prog metal band ever recorded. Seeds Of Rage is their first and essential for any fan of Dream Theater. Great vocals from Terrance Holler and keyboard work from Oleg Smirnov. This new edition is remastered, housed in a slipcase and features five bonus tracks indlcuing a rehearsal session from 2006, and previously unreleased songs from their 1990 and 1991 demos. This edition is limited to 3,000 copies worldwide. One thing I know about LMP - when they say it's limited they mean it.
  • Complete show recorded at Roma in Warsaw, Poland in 2000.
  • New edition of this brilliant disc arrives in a hardbound digibook. For starters the album has been remastered. There is also an accompanying DVD (NTSC - Region 0) which has a 5.1 surround mix of the album as well as a live video of "Face Of Melinda" shot in 2006.