From Sand (Part 1)

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Second album from this Brazilian/American progressive metal band. The Element was assembled by Brazilian transplant Rafael Macedo who handles all the lead vocals and guitars. He's enlisted Circle II Circle bassist Mitch Stewart, former Imagika drummer Henry Moreno, as well as keyboardist Jeremy Villucci. The band's music bears the imprint of the obvious prog metal influence of Dream Theater but there is definitely an epic Pink Floyd quality to their music. Sort of like Images & Words meets The Wall. Macedo's vocals are excellent and he's quite an accomplished guitarist as well. Nice and tasteful soloing through out without turning into a nonstop shredfest - an album that seems to put melody at the forefront but with a solid foundation in musicianship. This arrives beautifully packaged in a DVD sized fold out digipak. I think this is a band we are going to hear a lot about. Highly recommended.

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  • In Crescendo is the fourth studio album from this Italian progressive band.  While originally working in a purely metal direction, the band has expanded the scope of their sound to encompass elements of progressive rock as well.  There is a very strong atmospheric component similar to Riverside, Porcupine Tree, and Pink Floyd but the heavier, metallic side of Opeth and Dream Theater is clearly present as well.Over the past two years Kingcrow has expanded their fan base with a European tour in support of Redemption and Jon Oliva as well as appearances at ProgPower Europe and ProgPower USA.  An announcement about 2013 US tour dates is imminent. 
  • Pain Of Salvation started it, Opeth followed, and Steven Wilson capped it...we thought. Dark Suns continues to evolve with no two albums sounding alike. Grave Human Genuine found them moving into an avant metal/progressive rock direction. Orange now finds the band wholly embracing 70s progressive rock. There are heavy moments but the band shows its hand offering up Hammond organ and Mellotron. The heavier tunes feature angst driven vocals that will scratch that VDGG itch. Melodic and intricate Dark Suns has somehow managed to come up with an album that will appeal to fans of old school prog, modern prog, and even the quirky side of metal. Highly recommended.
  • "Orphaned land's amalgamation of metal and ethnic music referred to as "Oriental Metal" is such a true pleasure to listen to. And it's a combination that continues to become more widespread with newer groups making their mark such as Myrath a progressive metal act that I also hold in high regard. Mabool is the release which really gave the band widespread praise and attention, and their last album The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR was another fantastic album by this band from the Middle East. This is a group that certainly doesn't restrain themselves to one style and has proven that they possess the talent to adapt and incorporate that music. Orphaned land now have a new collection of wonderful material with a strong message called All Is One as they continue to unite those whose beliefs have kept them apart.The influence this band has had is truly inspiring, and in the words of front man Kobi Farhi who says "Discovering the fact that our music is the instrument to remind people that we are all one is shocking to me. I never imagined that blood enemies would open their eyes because of it. That's why the title of the album is All Is One." And that's what also forms the basis for the concept of this album in that we continue to fail to see that all is one. Also the cover art is a combination of the symbols that represent three Abrahamic religions presenting them as one.All Is One was a major undertaking by the band having been recorded not only in Israel but also Turkey and Sweden, and featuring over 40 musicians including 25 choir singers (who sound so good on the riveting title track) and eight classical violin, viola, and cello players. What you will soon notice on All Is One is that for the most part vocalist Kobi Farhi's growls have been given the flick this time with the song "Fail" a darker track being the exception, and no don't worry they haven't gone soft Orphaned Land obviously still like their metal. You also wont hear as many long and complex tracks on All Is One and the quality of those songs hasn't diminished the band still packs plenty in. I do look forward to getting a hard copy of this album so I can read the lyrics along with the songs.Chen Balbus is the new guitarist/keyboardist he joined the band after the departure of guitar player and original member Matty Svatizky, and fellow guitarist Yossi Sassi gives another great performance following on from his very good solo release. Though and not to diminish it's significance but the guitar is of course not the only component of this bands music as many other instruments come into play creating that spellbinding music. And speaking of instruments track seven "Freedom" a spirit lifting vibrant instrumental is a great inclusion, the vocals are also so very well done such as on "Ya Benaye" where they are like an instrument of their own. The eastern metal groover "The Simple Man" is another of the many great songs on All Is One. "Our Own Messiah" flows with more of Orphaned Land's all engrossing creative skills, the passionate chorus is topped off with an instrumental passage that is just so good. The production is once again right on the money so to speak and I have no doubts that All Is One will be referred to as one of Orphaned Land's best works. They did set the standard so high previously and haven't faltered with this album." - Sea Of Tranquility
  • Lord Of Mushrooms are a French progressive metal band. After recording an ok debut, the followed it up with a killer sophomore release in Seven Deadly Songs...then they went silent. I know they did some oddball stuff like tour China (which is actually pretty cool!) but its been 7 years since that second disc. The band is back in spades albeit with a new lineup (3 new members are in place). They are now fronted by ex-Adagio vocalist Gus Monsanto, who keeps it clean here. The band doesn't really stray much from their formula. This is solid, melodic progressive metal with some subtle injections of quirkiness. Kind of like Dream Theater meets Circus Maximus meets A.C.T. At the moment this is just what I needed to hear. Highly recommended.
  • How do you describe the indescribable? I'm going to try...Thank You Scientist is a large scale prog ensemble consisting of guitar, violin, trumpet, sax, bass, drums, and vocals. They also toss in cello, flugelhorn, trombone, mandolin - why not? These guys are mega-tight. The arrangements are quite complex. Guitarist Tom Monda can shred with the best of them. The horns add punctuation to the violin and guitar leads. Vocalist Sal Marrano has a bit of an emo feel in his delivery which just adds to the "a lot of square pegs in round holes" treatment that somehow coalesces. This is one of those weird and wonderful bands that was described by one reviewer as a progressive rock orchestra. Not sure I could sum it up better. Highly recommended.
  • Austrian progressive power metal band Serenity has been a bit overlooked in the past but it appears as though their star is in ascendancy.  Ex-Whyzdom vocalist Clementine Delauney complements lead vocalist Georg Neuhauser quite well.  Perhaps she nudges him out of the spotlight a bit but all for the greater good.  The music has a large scale symphonic element that will draw comparisons to Kamelot.  Since they have toured with Youngblood & Co its not that surprising.  So the formula seems to be in place - two great vocalists married to melodic, bombastic metal.  Their best album.  Who's in?Limited edition with two bonus tracks. 
  • Its been some time since Michael Harris' Thought Chamber project made its debut.  The band consists of Michael Harris (guitars), Ted Leonard (vocals), Bill Jenkins (keys), Jeff Plant (bass), and Mike Haid (drums).  Ted Leonard and Bill Jenkins will be familiar to you from their membership in Enchant (Ted is also fronting Spock's Beard now).Psykerion is a sci-fi cybermetal concept album.  Harris plays with a lot of restraint compared to some of his solo albums.  In fact I would classify it as tasteful.  Leonard is one of the best vocalists in prog and he doesn't disappoint.  Lots of solos flying around on guitar and keys but it maintains a melodic integrity through out.  Hopefully we don't have to wait another 7 years for the follow up.  Highly recommended.
  • First release from this British band which had origins as a studio project from guitarist Tim Goatham but has now evolved into a full fledged gigging band. Tempus Fusion's raison d'├¬tre is a mix of tech, death, djent, and ambient metal. Vocals are a mix of clean and death. Musically speaking its related to Devin Townsend, Scar Symmetry, Soilwork, Periphery, and Tesseract. As a form of promotion Tim has given us copies at a very reasonable price and we're passing the savings on to you.
  • Phenomenal second album from these emerging stars of the prog metal scene.  Disperse are a very young band from Poland.  Their first album was released by Riverside's in-house ProgTeam label.  Living Mirrors finds them under the world wide microscope with their signing to Season Of Mist.Their second release finds them shifting directions a bit.  While Journey Through The Hidden Gardens teetered between prog rock and metal, Living Mirrors is full bore prog metal.  In fact there is a strong djent/tech element to their sound.  Sort of like Tesseract meets Dream Theater.  Vocalist Rafal Biernacki sings in a clean style through out.  Once again the real star of this band is guitarist Jakub ┼╗ytecki.  This dude can flat out play (actually they all can).  He invests a strong fusion element into the band's sound.  Its clear he's listened to an Allan Holdsworth album or three.  Keys don't really play a tremendous part in their sound - they are used more for atmospheric touches.  This is a total blitzkrieg of crushing riffs, fluid legato runs, and odd time signatures wrapped around some beautiful heart felt vocals.Watch out - these guys could become huge.  BUY OR DIE! 
  • Creation's End is the vision of New York City's Rudy Albert (guitar - from Zandelle) and Dario Rodriguez (drums).Rudy and Dario, who met in school, have been playing music together since 1999. As they grew tighter in their playing, they began to focus on writing original material. The nature of the material evolved from simple metal tunes in the early years, to more complex and mature compositions.During the summers of 2003 through 2006, Dario and Rudy convened to write music. The focus of the sessions was simply to make great music that they both enjoyed, and each summer, Rudy and Dario wrote and recorded a new demo of original material.Rudy soon took on keyboard duties in the band Until Destiny, where he met John Macaluso (drummer of James LaBrie Band, Fool's Game, ex-Ark, ex-TNT, ex-Yngwie Malsteen). After a short period of time, Rudy and Dario decided that the time was right to revisit their old material to record and release it the right way.With a newly renovated studio and producer John Macaluso on board, Rudy and Dario set out to record 8 reworked versions of songs that appeared on their demos. They were joined by the lineup - Mike Dimeo, (ex-Masterplan, ex-Riot), Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie Band), and Joey Bones (Chris Caffery, ex-Zandelle).In Summer of 2010 the band decided to have world known engineer Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Yes, Nile, Cannibal Corpse etc) mix the album.November 2010 will see the release of "A New Beginning" and marks the fruition of the album envisioned from the beginning - melodic, touches of prog, a strong sense of groove, and brutally heavy and dark. US and European tour dates are being planned, with a date at ProgPower USA in September 2011 already confirmed.
  • "First Alcoholocaust and now Narcotica. Sense a theme? No wonder the two members of Invisigoth — Cage on all instruments and Viggo Domino on all vocals — call this their "headphone record." And while hearing it under the influence of something might enhance the listening experience, it's already pretty potent.More melodic and less gothic than its predecessor, Narcotica presents nine songs that echo Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and the Flower Kings while still retaining their originality. This is tough music to slot into any neat category, making for adventurous and rewarding listening. Five shorter pieces — including the groovy rocker "Scars and Dust" and the seductive, thought-provoking "Pornocopia" — allow Domino to stretch his voice and Cage to work within more structured musical settings. Those songs are sandwiched between a four-part epic called "Dark Highway." Two parts each begin and end the album, and they each average about 10 minutes, pulsing with Middle-Eastern swirls, symphonic elements and dramatic sonic imagery, The entire piece easily is this duo's most ambitious work, brought down only slightly by some strange spoken-word passages.Taken as a whole, Narcotica emerges as a moody and textured album. It's at once complex and accessible, dense and sparse at the same time, and wholly intoxicating." - Sea Of Tranquility
  • Raise The Curtain is the latest effort from the former Savatage mastermind.  Its quite different from the Jon Oliva's Pain project and in a surprising way.  The music has a strong 70s vibe blending elements of progressive rock, AOR, and metal.  Oliva plays all the instruments but he collaborated on the songwriting with Dan Fasciano.  From the opening roaring organ sounds you know you are in for something a bit different.  You can tell this is Jon Oliva - there are parts that will remind you a bit of Savatage but you will also think in terms of Kansas, ELP, Alice Cooper.  A mash up of styles for sure but quite well done.  A friend who heard an advance copy summed it up perfectly: "A fun album".  This is the first pressing that has one bonus track.  Grab it while we got 'em.
  • Second album from this Italian retro-hard rockers.  Voodoo Highway has been hyped as the second coming of Deep Purple/Led Zeppelin/Thin Lizzy all rolled into one.  While I wouldn't go that far I can say that they do successfully channel the spirit of those bands.  When the Hammond organ kicks in you definitely be transported to California Jam.  They pick up on the Deep Purple/Rainbow vibe and run with it...and they get pretty damn far!  Highly recommended. 
  • In 1994, The Laser's Edge had a short lived sister label called The Labyrinth.  Sailor Free was part of the roster and released a beautiful psychedelic hard rock album called The Fifth Door.  After that the band went silent.  19 years later, vocalist David Petrosino and guitarist Stefano "The Hook" Barelli have reactivated the band and it sounds as though nothing has changed.  Spiritual Revolution is a concept album influenced by J.R.R. Tolkein's "The Silmarillion".  Sailor Free's music has a hard rock feel but due to Barelli's wicked soloing there is a psychedelic energy imbued in the music.  Petrosino is simply a great singer.  In an obtuse way he reminds me of Jim Morrison.  He doesn't really sound like him but he channels a dark spiritual energy into every word he sings.  There are some nice keyboard embellisments along the way but really this is a guitar driven album.  Welcome back old friends.  You were missed!